11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi I’m Dylan I’m on Instagram ds_camellia I commented on a pipe you are currently making. Not sure if it will be for sale in the future or what the price range is but I would be interested in the pipe if it becomes for sale! Thanks Dylan

  2. Sir , im from Malaysia. Your beautiful pieces of art really catch my eyes ! Would love to know more about the system about your pipes. And interested to own one too .mind to share more with me ?

  3. Edwin, I received my Lord of the Rings pipe set and treasure box container and needless to say, I am very pleased with what I saw when I opened the shipping box. The treasure box is very beautiful in and of itself. However, the pipes are stunning. I had planned to smoke the pipes, but now having seen them, I believe that they are too magnificent to smoke so I’ll just put them in my collection and admire the beauty and craftsmanship of the set. I’ll smoke the Dunhill and SBangs and leave the Lord of the Rings to admire. Thank you for a beautiful set of pipes. After the holidays, I think I will order a “smoker” from you. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  4. Nice talking to you today outside Stone Harbour. I just checked out your web site, you do have a nack making pipes, very very nice.
    I will definitely keep you in mind for my next
    Pipe, I am also spreading your name around.
    Like I said, I have a birthday coming up this summer, what a perfect time to get I new pipe
    Barry Catton
    Thunder Bay Ontario

    • Hi Barry. It was great meeting you too. Keep me posted with your birthday status. Don’t hesitate to stop in and say hello next time you’re in town.

    • Hi Todd, Thanks for your interest in Edwin Pipes. I’m located in Northern Minnesota on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It’s in the middle of the Superior National Forest. I’ve sent you a few PM messages on FB with more information on available pipes.

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