Another day’s progress

IMG_1683Here the ebonite rod is chucked up in the lathe. The smaller rod sticking out of it will be the delrin tenon. I use delrin material because it’s always slippery and won’t stick to the mortise over time.






IMG_1686Here I’ve glued an extension to the shank. I’ve oriented the grain on the extension so that it will run straight down the shank for the best display. Between the two briar pieces is a thin slice of ebonite to give it that black stripe.

A New Beginning

IMG_1682This is the part of the process that I sometimes find difficult: Trying to decide which of the many ideas inside my head I want to pursue. Ten minutes into the project, however, I find myself off and running.

My next project is to see if there is a pipe inside this piece of briar and rod of ebonite. Stay tuned, I’ll post pics of the daily progress.

A Brandy Snifter Comes Into Shape

IMG_1658After another evening of work I have the stem roughed in and ready to begin the sanding process. The shape of the bowl looks like a brandy glass so I’ll probably name it something like “Bamboo Brandy” or “Bamboo Snifter”.  I like how there’s a slight curve to the shank.  I’ll continue that shape with a very slight downward bend to the stem once it’s ready to be heated.

I’m also pretty excited about the grain on this block. Stay tuned…

Back to Bamboo

IMG_1657On to my next project. Here you can see the stainless steel tenons I use for extra strength in the bamboo shanks. Soon it will be cut to length. The thick black section resting below is German ebonite and is the future stem.