7 thoughts on “Pipes Gallery

  1. Very Impressive Kris! Jill was telling me how well the show went and I wanted to see for myself your creativity. Keep up the good work and it will pay off for you.

  2. Hi Edwin,

    A few months ago I purchased your “Standing Sitter” freehand from a well-known pipe seller on eBay and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this piece.

    As a fan and collector of 1970’s Danish freehands this design really appealed to me. With its many angles and extended rim, this couldn’t have been an easy shape to execute yet it was done flawlessly. The stemwork is some of the finest I’ve seen and the briar insert is a marvelous touch I wish more makers would utilize. Despite its size, the pipe is surprisingly lightweight and well balanced. The drilling is spot-on with the draught hole terminating perfectly at the bottom dead center of the chamber. Best of all, it smokes wonderfully cool and dry with an effortless open draw. Very nice indeed!

    Athough I was unfamiliar with your work, I decided to take a chance and add the Standing Sitter to my collection anyway, it being such a unique and interesting piece. I’m very glad I did and I hope to enjoy a few more of your excellent and beautiful creations before long.


    Dennis Dreyer, Rockville MD

    • Hi Dennis, Thank you for the kind words about my work. It’s always a great feeling to know collectors and appreciators like my creations enough to purchase them. The Standing Sitter is one I remember very fondly. It sold to a seller at the Chicago Pipe Show and I was a little sorry to see it go. It makes me glad to know she found a good home. Over the months I’ve toyed with the idea of creating something similar but I’ve never found the right briar block to tackle it yet. Would it be okay if I used your comment as a testimonial here and on my social media sites? Again, thanks for the great comment. Happy puffing.
      Kris Edwin Barber

  3. Absolutely! Feel free to use my comment wherever you like. I’m glad you saw it and I hope it does some good. It’s a great pipe and often garners favorable comments from those who have seen me smoking it.

    Thanks for sharing a little of the pipe’s history. I’m not sure how or why it wound up on eBay as I couldn’t imagine parting with it. Lucky for me it hadn’t been smoked, otherwise the original owner might have thought twice about selling it! 😉

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