LOTR Inspired

Pipes Inspired by the Races of Middle Earth (Pictures Below).

The Pipes: First of all, these pipes are not toys. They are perfectly functioning smoking pipes that have been given the utmost care and attention during their creation. The drilling, sizing, and mechanics of the pipes are made with the same care as every Edwin Pipe. Each pipe is made using the finest materials. The briar comes from a supplier in Tuscany who is well known in the pipe carving community to provide some of the best briar available. The stems are all hand-cut from German ebonite, widely considered the best and most resistant to oxidation. All tenons have been upgraded to delrin, a Teflon-like material the keeps them from sticking, even after you set them down for extended periods. The display case is wood and metal and holds the pipes securely within a well-fitting pillow for best viewing and storage.
The set itself is one I have considered making for some time as I am a big fan of Tolkien. Typically I make more traditional creations but once in a while a more whimsical idea pops into my head and as an artist I have to dive in. Each pipe represents a race from Middle Earth. I tried to give each pipe the flair and character of the race it represents. For example, when making the pipe that corresponds to Elves, I tried to imagine what an Elvish Lord would smoke, perhaps while sitting on his throne deep within the Mirkwood Forest, etc.
All Edwin pipes come with a one year warranty against defects in craftsmanship. In addition, each pipe comes with a separate leather carrying pouch in case you’d like to bring any single piece out with you for the evening. And, of course, the display case is included.
In addition to being heirlooms for years to come, this set will smoke beautifully and enhance your pipe and/or your LOTR collection.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.
Kris Edwin Barber
Edwin Pipes

The Pipe of Elves: This pipe took the longest to create. The detail on both the stem and shank, while painstaking, was fun to see come to fruition. I tried to keep the leaf or forest theme running throughout the pipe from beginning to end. In addition to wonderful straight grain on the side of the bowl, it displays a large tree carved into the shank, a leaf on the deck of the stummel, and finally, leaf buds sprouting on the stem. This pipe would fit perfectly into the hand of an Elvish Lord.
Total length: 12 ¼” Chamber diameter: ¾”
The Pipe of Men: This pipe displays beautiful birdseye grain on the side of the bowl. The longer, churchwarden style is one for the Lords of Gondor. In fact, the White Tree of Gondor has been engraved into the silver on the stem. On either side of the silver, there are accent rings made of ox horn. The bowl fits handsomely into a cradle-like detail which transitions gracefully to the shank where it then continues flowing down the stem to the button.
Total length: 9” Chamber diameter: 7/8”
The Pipe of Hobbits: This is a small pipe. I wanted to capture the rustic comfort of Bag End with this one so I chose an acorn shape. I left some rough, natural burl on the top of the bowl but refined the stem with a bocote wood accent ring. This pipe screams rustic elegance, a perfect smoke for 1 Bagshot Row.
Total length: 4 ¾” Chamber diameter: ¾”
The Pipe of Dwarves: When creating this pipe I chose to copy Dwarvish architecture, using the larger, block style that they hew from stone. The left and right sides of the bowl display wonderful birdseye grain. The runes on the side were inspired by the engraving on Dwarf armor. The design on the front of the bowl is straight from Gimli’s helmet. Finally, the accent on the stem is made from rosewood. This stout sitter was made to copy the hardy, no-nonsense temperament of the Dwarves.
Total length: 5 ¾” Chamber diameter: 7/8”
The Pipe of Orcs: This pipe appears to have been found abandoned in an old Orc camp. It is rough-hewn and appears to be cracked and repaired with banged-up brass patches. While the Orc craftsman who created it paid no attention to the cosmetics of this pipe, you can rest assured that it smokes as well as any. Orc runes have been hewn into the side of the stem, doubtless imparting some fowl curse.
Total length: 6 ½” Chamber diameter: ¾”
The Pipe of Trolls: This pipe is far too large to be a useful smoker so it acts as an ash tray for the rest of the set. It displays a rusty, barbed wire collar with a rusty chain which has been broken, likely by an over-worked Troll. It is bulky and ugly and a perfect fit for a smoking Cave Troll. The extra holes in the side make perfect holders for a tamper and extra pipe cleaners.
Total length: 10” Chamber diameter: Huge.

* The leather-bound book pictured with the pipes is not included with the purchase.