The Cardinal

IMG_1393Here she is. I’ve decided to call her “The Cardinal” because the detailing on the shank and bowl reminds me of a Cardinal’s hat. Lots more pictures to be seen in the gallery. Looking at the stem you can see the remake of the destroyed one from yesterday’s post. I’m proud of this one.





IMG_1387In this pic you can see more detailing on the bottom of the stummel. Notice the grain running sideways rather than up and down the bowl; orienting the grain this way shows a beautiful display of birdseye on the left and right sides of the bowl (again, more pics in the gallery). I’m a little annoyed with myself for taking the picture with the stem turned not quite perfectly in the shank. If you look closely they’re not quite lined up in the picture. If I was far less lazy I would give it a little twist, retake the photo, and show you how perfectly and seamlessly the two fit together.

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