Stain time

IMG_1281Here are four stummels freshly stained and a fifth that I decided not to use for POY (the shank is a little too different than the others. Notice a thinner, more curved shank than the stained ones. I’ll complete it in another color scheme and a use different looking stem and put it up for sale).

They always look so uninspiring at this stage: the stain is a flat finish, they look mono-chromatic,  and the grain is completely obscured. No worries, though; these four are diamonds in the rough and have displayed really nice grain. Another sanding, a second top stain, and a good buffing and they’ll be shining like a new dime. Counting the two already finished I’ve got six ready to go. Pre-0rders from the last club meeting were around ten and I expect more to come in through the club’s web site.  

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