Crafting the POY


When I first considered the Pipe of the Year project for the Great Northern Pipe Club, I thought I would offer the kind of pipe that I would want to smoke. I figured, hey, if I like it, others probably would too. I tend to like pipes that show a little bit of a rustic feel and yet at the same time show a touch of elegance. You might think the words “Rustic” and “Elegant”  sort of contradict each other so finding a pipe that walks the fine line between each of them might me tough. In the end I chose the shape that I’ll call the “Rustic Apple”.

Rustic Apple

The shape shows a lot of elegant flowing lines in the Danish style but I’ve left some plateau around the rim to give it a rustic feel. I thought the contrasting stain colors also contribute to the rustic charm. In the end, it turned out to be a pipe that would fit just as comfortably at the formal dinner table as it would sitting at the campfire in northern Minnesota.

I’m going to chronicle the creation process for the GNPC members (or anyone else) to see. I’ll try to keep up with some daily pics or at least a quick synopsis of how things are going. All the latest posts will appear right above this one. You’ll be able to see some of the shop and some of my methods, etc. so sit back, check the site often, and above all…happy puffing.

2 thoughts on “Crafting the POY

  1. bought you’re egg cradle pipe at the chicago pipe show ,looks great feels good in my hand ,and smokes very good! hope to buy another!

    • Hi Orville, that’s great to hear! I’m glad you’re enjoying the pipe. I’ve had a lot of interest in that style and will be making some similar ones soon. Thanks for the kind words.

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